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So, I thought since I just posted this on kh13, I might as well here, too. Honestly, I've been wanting to explain my feelings on the saga for awhile, and since it's pretty much over, I thought I might as well now. Here are my thoughts; you don't have to agree with me, but I hope it's an interesting read nonetheless:) And if you do disagree, please be respectful about it. That's all I ask. Thanks. Here's what I wrote on kh13:

In Defense of Twilight from a Former Fan Who Recognizes its Flaws

The hate for Twilight has gotten to a ridiculous level. Now, I'd like to start this out by saying that I used to be a fan, but I'm not really into the series anymore. I prefer series like Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments, Maximum Ride, etc. I know that Twilight has a lot of flaws (and the movies are downright crap), but it's still not as awful as people say it is.

Honestly, the Vampire Diaries books are a LOT worse. You think Bella's a Mary-Sue? Then clearly you haven't met Elena, who everyone really does love and worships the ground she walks on, even though she's a bitch. Oh, and she's gorgeous, too, of course. I have to tell you though, my favorite part of The Vampire Diaries books are all the things Elena turns into. First she's a human, then a vampire, then she dies as a vampire and becomes a ghost, then she comes back a human with angel/guardian powers, and then at the end, to be with Stefan, she chooses not to become a vampire, but drink some fountain of youth water; that way she can stay with him forever (and be young), but not have to be a vampire. By the way, the fountain of youth thing came out of flipping nowhere, too! If that's not bad writing, I don't know what is. I could go on and on about how bad and overrated The Vampire Diaries are, but I'll leave that for another time.

The thing with Twilight (besides people thinking that it's cool to hate it, and having not read the books) is that it was never intended to be an epic, but people look at it thinking it was, or they want it to be one, and get mad when it isn't. Twilight was never meant to be anything like Harry Potter, so comparing it to it, The Hunger Games, and similar things is pointless. It's a completely different genre! It's just supposed to be a vampire/human love story, and I think, all things considered, it does a decent job with it. The world truly is expansive and interesting; I like the mythology. The characters for the most part are interesting and likable, so it's a decent series overall.

And it's funny! So funny. That's part of the reason I liked the books, and was disappointed that the movies took themselves so seriously. A lot of the times, I thought the books were pretty much comedies, and it was a welcome relief from the darker more intense other vampire stories.

Another thing I like about the series is that it shows how human all the characters actually are. Someone said this once, and I completely agree with them, that the reason they liked Harry Potter and Twilight was because it took creatures that were usually written as "monsters" and humanized them. I really like that aspect, and I think it makes for an interesting story, and look at our own humanity. For instance, for all intents and purposes, the Cullens should have been evil, bloodthirsty monsters, but they weren't. They rose above what fate expected of them, and were the people they wanted to be. Was it easy? Hell no. But they did it, anyway. As Carlisle says in the New Moon book, "Like everything in life, I just had to decide what to do with what I was given."

That's actually a good lesson to learn. And you know what? People are always so hungup on the "bad things Twilight teaches people" that they do forget some of the good things it promoted, such as working through your issues. Today, too many people break up the first time something is wrong in a relationship; people don't know how to compramise anymore, and Edward and Bella do that beautifully. They may meet their hardships now and then, but they always get through it together, and are better for it afterwards. Other things it teaches are to put aside your differences, and try to see things from other's PoVs (like the Cullens and Quileutes).

Another prominent theme in the books are your choices. Bella struggles all through Eclipse about her choice to become a vampire, and all she'll have to give up, and it does show that every choice has its consequence. In the end, though, she knows herself enough (and this was always a strength in Bella) to make the choice that is best for herself and not look back.

Actually, I'm going to break off here and talk about some things about that. I feel that Twilight, unlike some vampire books, dives deeper into some concepts that I wish the others had. Such as do vampires have souls, all you'd have to give up to be a vampire, etc.

Another thing I like about the series, and Bella in general, is first off, she isn't afraid of Edward when she finds out he's a vampire. In other series, it always ticks me off that when the girl finds out her boyfriend or whatever is a vampire; she forgets everything she knows about him, and start treating him like a monster for a bit. Bella didn't do this like some heroines did, because A) she knew that Edward had had ample time to hurt her already if he'd wanted to. And B) that he'd been saving her life rather than hurting her. I like this quote here that sort of sums this up (when Bella's beginning to fall for Edward, and Jessica's questioning her about it). "How could I not [like him]? The vampire who wanted to be good – who ran around saving people's lives so he wouldn't be a monster…"

I'd like to take the moment to say that I think Bella gets too much crap from people. Does she have her flaws? Yes, everyone does, but I think for the most part, she's a decent, strong-willed person who always does the best she can. And people are always saying Bella's stupid, but she's not. She's smart academically, but she's also smart in other ways. She's a good judge of character, and actually predicts a lot of stuff in the plot before it happens. Yes, Bella has a few tripups, but she's a lot better then some other protagonists I've read (especially since I usually hate first person novels and the character it's written about).

Another thing I like about the series is that (unlike what the movie shows), it takes a long time for Edward and Bella to fall in love. Heck, even for them to become friends! Unlike most pairings in things that seem rushed and unexplained, you actually saw the build up of their relationship, them getting to know each other; you see why they start having feelings for each other.

This brings me to another qualm of mine in vampire books: someone dating a vampire when they don't want to become a vampire themselves. I can't tell you how much that irritates me! I swear, the characters in those things (except Sookie in True Blood, because I actually get her PoV), drive me insane! Clearly they're not thinking things through at all! If you don't want to be with a vampire, why are you dating one?! Especially since if you want to be together, you'll probably have to become one yourself. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was that Bella was actually smart enough to think about some of these things, and wasn't one of these dumb girls. Ugh.

Other lessons I liked from Twilight are: fight for/to be with the person you love, love really can accomplish anything, the value of family, etc.

Another theme that most people will probably laugh at, but I actually think people need to remember in this day in age, is the no sex before marriage thing. Now, I'm not saying that I necessarily agree with it (even though I do understand it from Edward's PoV, since in his time that's the way it was, and some religions still hold that value), I'm saying that in this day in age, I think sex has become too glorified. Mainly, I don't think young people should be allowed to be exposed to it as much as they are. I think since they see it everywhere, that's part of the reason we have so many teen pregnancies. With some really young teens, too! But I'm going to get off this topic before I get yelled at.

Oh! Other things that Twilight was good about was literary references. Not only did it cite some great literary masterpieces, but it got people wanting to read them! Actually, Twilight got people wanting to read in general, so you at least have to like it for that. And honestly, I think it did a decent job in drawing ties to Pride and Predjudice, Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the Merchant of Venice.

I know most people criticize Twilight for being the light, happy ending kind of book, but I enjoy it for that. Sure it's not epic or a literary masterpiece in the slightest, but if I'm ever feeling down, I can flip to a random section of it, and have it bring a smile to my face. So surely that's a good thing about it, too. It's a light, easy read, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad. Plus, that's not to say it's all light. Some of the vampires' histories (for example) were really dark, messed up, and captivating. Oh, Twilight was really good with incorporating actual history, too!

–sigh- You know, one of my biggest complaints about the movies is that they didn't get any of the character's stories in. Like Alice's was important! She became a vampire because someone had changed her to save her from James! You know, I think that's why a lot of people hate Twilight; because the movies didn't do a lot of the important connections, foreshadowing, etc. that they were supposed to.

Now, moving on, here are some of the reasons I personally like Twilight; you don't have to agree, but it is what it is.

First off, I like that the characters actually seem realistic, and we get to know them. I can't tell you how many books I've read where all the characters talk about are plot related things. A book series that did this, for example, was The Vampire Diaries. On their day off, they weren't talking about the concert coming to town or anything normal like that, but if there was any new weird thing happening in the town. Ugh. I can't tell you how unrealistic that is! It also makes you feel like you don't know the characters at all! At least with Twilight we knew things like: Bella loves to read, Alice loves fashion, Rosalie likes to work on cars, etc. In The Vampire Diaries books we didn't know any of the characters hobbies or likes/interests.

Another thing that I like about the series is that for most of it, the villain was Victoria. I HATE it, when a story has too many villains (that often come from nowhere), and you don't even know why they're antagonizing your characters. With Victoria, we knew why she was after revenge, and it was believable. Harry Potter just had Voldermort, and for the most part, Twilight just had Victoria. This is a good thing, because otherwise it seems too random, and like it could have happened to someone else. That was actually one of the criticisms of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. A reviewer said that the game was good, but really, the chances of the plot happening to the main characters (after evertything they'd already been through) wasn't likely, so it could have just been about another cast of people.

And this reason's more personal than the others, but here it is. I, personally, hate the slice of life story. Normal, everyday stories about marriage and whatnot bore me immensely. Twilight, however, was a slice of life story, but with a vampire twist to it. Therefore, it's probably the only time I've ever liked that sort of book (and ever will), so I do thank it for that. It is interesting to see how vampires would complicate the falling in love, breaking up, getting back together, getting married and having a kid (plus other ramifications) story. I know, though, that most people actually hate the story for that, and I can understand if you do. I'm just saying for myself, it's the only way I could enjoy that type of plot.

Now, the last thing I'd like to talk about is one of the prime reasons people don't like Twilight or Bella. New Moon. Though I can get why some of you might hate it, I would like to point out you probably cannot understand or appreciate what Bella's zombie stage, unless you've gone through a depression like that yourself. My sister and I have (and I know a lot of other fans have), but most people probably haven't. Though I understand most of you probably see Bella's reaction as ridiculous, let me try and help you see it clearer.

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. Most people forget that Edward and Bella's relationship wasn't the high school first love kind of thing. It was the real deal, true love, you're my other half, I can't live without you, blah blah blah sort of deal. Even so, most people still don't think her reaction was justifiable, but that's because they usually think her reaction is just for losing Edward. It's not.

First of all, Bella never really had any confidence. When Edward left (after telling her he'd never really loved her after all, and never could), all of the little confidence she did have was completely shattered. And, as Bella thought it (when Charlie's talking to Alice in New Moon), "It was like someone had died — like I had died. Because it had been more than just losing the truest of true loves, as if that were not enough to kill anyone. It was also losing a whole future, a whole family — the whole life that I'd chosen..." There, Bella says it herself. She's not just all messed up because of Edward, but because she'd lost the future she'd chosen, a whole family she'd loved, and with them, her best friend Alice.

To make matters even worse, Edward took all of her things from the Cullens with him "so it would be like he'd never existed." Add all this to the fact that Bella's friends at school are crap, she can't talk to anyone about all of this, etc, and you'll probably see why she went insane. And, yes, most people don't realize she really was crazy in New Moon, so her actions were a little bit more forgivable that way.

Another thing to consider to explain Bella's state is that Victoria, Laurent, etc. are after her, and she's pretty much defenseless. In her head, the Cullens wouldn't even care that she'll be killed, as she was just a pet of theirs they discarded. And worst of all of this, is that even after what Edward did to her, Bella still has to keep his sectet for him, and know she'll always love him no matter what… Yeah. Bella's world in New Moon really was like it had been "destroyed in some cataclysmic, disaster-movie scenario of desolation."

So I hope this helps you guys understand Bella's side a little bit more. I know a lot of people criticize her by comparing her to Hermione; saying that Hermione wasn't destroyed when Ron left her in Deathly Hallows (instead, she actually helped save the Wizarding World), but most people don't take in all of Bella's situation. And Ron only left Hermione for like three months, where as Edward was gone six (and Ron and Hermione always had squabbles and got over them, anyway). Plus, Hermione still had Harry and the War to distract her. Bella didn't really have anything. And you know what, people forget to take into consideration how Hermione was a crying mess in the HBP during the Ron/Lavender thing, so I don't think Bella's as bad as people make her out to be in New Moon.

Now, another thing people don't like about Bella in New Moon as how easily she forgives Edward. Remembering the soulmate mumbo jumbo, it's a bit more understandable, but let me try and put it into perspective for you. Two years ago, around the time of my birthday, all of my best friends (about seven of them) that I'd been best friends with most of my life, pretty much abandoned me. I didn't hear from them once for six months, and I was a wreck like Bella was. Pretty much telling myself that they must hate me or something. Granted, we're all good again (and I think they were all just busy with work and stuff), but I still can't easily forgive how they left me hanging all that time (especially since they still contacted each other a bit).

However, I've never told them any of this, or just how much they hurt me. Believe me, I wanted to be angry and read them the riot act, but I just couldn't. I love them, you know? And at the end of the day, I always will and am just happy to be near them again. When you truly love someone, no matter how much they hurt you, you choose to forgive them. And, actually, it takes more strength to forgive something then it does to hold onto it. That's exactly what happens with Edward and Bella. And though most people would argue that makes her weak, I think it makes her strong.

So, in conclusion, I personally do not think Twilight is as bad as people think it is, and that it doesn't deserve all the hate. I'm not going to lie, it can be bad at parts, and could have been written a whole lot better, but I still enjoy it for the most part. After all, nothing is perfect (and since these were Stephenie's first books, I think it's a bit understandable). If you don't like Twilight, that's fine. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I think all the pointless hate and cyber bullying needs to stop. You can't even like the series anymore without getting death threats. None of that is okay! People are allowed to have different opinions.

And you know what, the hate has gotten so bad that someone beat up the actor for Seth just because they don't like Twilight. That is NOT okay. And that kind of behavior Needs. To. Be. Stopped. I can't even- Grr!

So, yeah. If you want to dislike Twilight, please be respectable about it. And at least know what you're talking about (unlike a lot of people). Also, don't just hate it because you want to be "cool". Don't do anything because you just want to be cool, actually. Just remember that when you're insulting this (not only might there be things "as bad" or "worse" than it *cough*The Vampire Diaries*cough*), but you could be really hurting someone when you talk bad about it, like those who did go through Bella's zombie stage.

With that, I'm going to end this really long post and thank you all for reading.

Kingdom Hearts forever!

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Roouii Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
There's a rumor going round that Stephenie's writing a fifth novel for Twilight.

Love, love, loveee Twilight.
jryu0620 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Writer
She'd better not be unless it's finishing midnight sun! They can't make more movies! Robert said that he wouldn't take Edward's role because he's getting too old! If they replace the actors that play the characters in the movies I won't watch it.
evil-skwrl Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Honestly, every time I read something pro-Twilight, it's kind of refreshing if for no other reason than so many people's passionate hate for it. I applaude you for sharing your opinion in a non-bashing way, because so many people don't seem to.
Vampire Diaries: I never read them. Think I'm going to have to, though. I really know nothing about the series, but I've heard people love them, and whenever I hear about severe mary-sues, I have to find out if it's really that bad.
As for her catatonic state, I think it's cool that you mentioned that. She gets so much crap for that, but when I read the series (like, four years ago) I sympathized completely. Looking back, I was in a similar state because I'd just lost someone very important to me, so in a way, it was like we were in the same boat. (Don't know if that sounds ridiculous, but that's how it felt at the time.) Now that I've healed some, I've wondered if I would be less sympathetic if I re-read the saga, though I'd probably have to forget what I felt during that time, which isn't gonna happen. I guess sometimes we just need that dose of emotion when we read, simply written or complex.
AnHeiressofaSOLDIER Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and am glad that you found some of this interesting. Hahaha. That's refreshing, because I put a lot of thought into this.

The Vampire Diaries: Honestly, I wish I'd never read them. Mainly, because I did like them at first. Like, the first three (and a bit of the fourth) were pretty good. I actually enjoyed them a lot. The three after that, though (that L.J. Smith started writing many years after the others, because she originally planned on the third one being the last), are just so awful. They're weird, sort of unneeded in my opinion, and they don't seem to fit in with the rest of the series...

In fact, I almost wish she had written them about a different cast of characters. She really could have. Those last three books just killed any respect/liking I had for the series, and I seriously regret wasting my time on them now. The only redeeming quality was that the last three showed more of Damon and Damon/Elena, which wasn't really present in the other ones. And another thing that ticks me off is: now people who write books for the show are continuing L.J. Smith’s series (for some ungodly reason) when they should be over. Ugh. Gold diggers, much?

As for the show... I liked it at first, but they are nothing like the books. It's really not TVD at all; they only call it that to try and get money from its fans. And the show did different things that ended up making me hate it (though I do admit, it is better than the books; I like the plot of the show, but not the characters).

Plus, they copy Twilight in really obvious ways in it. The worst example I can think of is Elena's eighteenth birthday, where she doesn't want to celebrate or have presents, but Caroline throws her a big party, anyway. And Stefan's left at that point, and Damon/Elena stuff begins (like Jacob/Bella did in a similar time), etc. Wow. Just wow.

In my opinion, TVD is overrated, and I don't think it deserves all the praise. I won't hate on it, because there are parts I like (and I'm not that kind of person). I respect other people's opinions, and if you check it out and love it, I'd be totally cool with that, but for me, it’s made too many mistakes for me to forgive.

Back on topic. LOL. I'm glad you're happy I included the catatonic state part. I think Bella does get too much hate for that, and it mostly is from people that haven't experienced anything similar. I think you can really only like New Moon (or Bella during New Moon), if you've gone through something like she has.

And that's part of the reason I love New Moon. I ADMIRE Bella in that book for still getting up and facing the day to the best of her ability. And when people insult her in New Moon, even though I shouldn't, I sort of get offended because my former reaction to something is being insulted in a roundabout way.

Anyway, I'm going to end this really long comment now! Thank you so much for leaving such an insightful comment. Have an awesome day!

Nix501st Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, I just want to get this out of the way. I'm pretty sure that you know that I don't like Twilight. But, the thing is, I only reached this conclusion after reading deconstructions on the stories and hearing both sides. I, knowing someone that hates Kairi for no reason (I'm serious, no reason), get very annoyed when people hate something/one for no reason. I did my research and realized that the book serious wasn't for me.

I just want to address one of your points: Another prominent theme in the books are your choices. Well, I'd like to point out Emily, Sam, and Leah from the Quileute tribe. When Sam imprinted on Emily, Emily had absolutely no choice in the matter. Neither did Sam. Sam had to leave his fiancée for her cousin that was like a sister to her. And when Emily said "No" he clawed her face up. He couldn't take her rejection so he harmed the woman he loves. That's just... no. I know that everyone has their own opinions on this, but, can you say that that sounds healthy? If he loved her so much, why was his first intention to cause her harm to make her change her mind?
AnHeiressofaSOLDIER Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I get where you're coming from, but technically, Sam and Emily didn't have to be together. Yeah they wanted to be (and ended up doing so because the imprinting made them the perfect person for each other), but they could have still chosen differently, and lived relatively normal lives. At least in my opinion, as there connection wouldn't have been as strong if they hadn't spent time together. As Jacob said when Bella asked if Claire had a choice about Quil, “Of course. But why wouldn’t she choose him, in the end? He’ll be her perfect match. Like he was designed for her alone.”

Also, I think you're misinformed on the one part. Sam didn't claw Emily because he got mad at her for not wanting to be with him (or in wanting to change her mind). It was because Emily, in her anger, ended up saying that Sam was just as awful as his father. That was his snapping point. The Twilight guidebook thing (that Stephenie wrote) explains this.

So, there are my opinions. I definitely respect yours, and you don't have to agree with mine. To be honest, a lot of this wigs me out from time to time, too, but the good of the series outweighs the bad for me, and I think things could have been handled a LOT worse.

For instance, in this one book series my friend Danielle read, the characters literally have no choice. Like, they could actually hate each other, and still be forced to be together. And let me tell you, it was even worse for the guys, because once they were fated to someone, they couldn't have sex with anyone else, but that person. Even if they hated them. Yeah... Twilight's somewhat better than that! LOL. You know, I feel I should check that book series out sometime. Mainly because it kind of shows the dangers of all-for-nothing, intense loves. Like, supposedly a sister in it was jealous that she hadn't found her fated person, and the sis that had was pretty much like, "No. Don't wish that. Be glad you have a choice in who you love."

Anyway... How have you been? It's been a crazy month for me, but since I reached my NaNo word count, I'm taking a short break from it to relax and work on other things. Like my Joshymes! Ugh! I have one almost done, and I absolutely love it, but I can't finish it today for some reason. Maybe I can tomorrow? Oh! And I promise to get to your own stories as soon as I can. Hope to talk to you soon, friend. -hugs-

Nix501st Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, I also forgot to mention that it did NOT take a long time for Edward and Bella to fall in love.

Here's a timeline, which you can make of what you will.

January 18, 2005: Bella meets Edward

January 24, 2005: Bella and Edward speak for the first time

March 2, 2005: Edward begins breaking into Bella’s home on a regular basis to watch her sleep after exactly two conversations and avoiding her for a whole month

March 5, 2005: Bella finds out Edward is a vampire

March 9, 2005: Bella and Edward begin “dating”

March 18, 2005: Bella begins begging Edward to change her into a vampire

September 13, 2005: Bella is still begging Edward to change her and has been since March, but gets interrupted when Jasper tries to eat her

September 16, 2005: Edward leaves Bella, telling her how much he does not love her and how pathetic and uninteresting she is and how ants are more interesting or something

March 20, 2006: Edward and Bella unite in Volterra, but have no time to discuss anything; Bella is under the impression Edward doesn’t love her

March 21, 2006: Edward proposes marriage
Nix501st Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I suppose I see your point, since that's how you interpreted that, and I can't do anything about it. It's just that, I don't think the books deserve as much hype as they're getting. I know that you mentioned that it's "cool" to hate the books, but... well, I'm frankly tired of hearing about them. I actually happen to go to the same high school as Stephanie Meyer did. I even had her Spanish teacher that she mentions in Twilight (A Señora Goff).

I guess another part is that I hate the whole "true love" thing. I mean, where's the respect if that person dies? Why would you kill yourself rather than just live for that person? Why not make them immortal by keeping them in your memories? I mean, I have a grandmother (who died of cancer before I was born) and my grandfather never got over her. He's miserable all the time, and just awkward to be around. He literally cannot be happy anymore now that he's gone.

Well, to get back to my original topic, I'm just sick of Twilight. The fans themselves seem to want to force the books down the anti's throats (I've seen several videos from the side of the twilight fans that bash people who don't like the series, one of them saying that "[the people who like it] should go out and force-feed it to people who don't until they do like it"). And then there's Nuttymadam. I get that there are crazies in every fanbase (Look no farther than Kingdom Hearts) but Twilight has created more of an uproar than Kingdom Hearts ever did.

Other than that, I've been... busy. I've got a major physics project that's due in a few weeks, so I won't be writing or drawing as much. Gotta focus on that. No time for NaNo either.
Ahh... the Joshymes, how I miss the Joshymes. No need to rush on my stories, I'm content to wait. Seriously, if it interferes with your schedule, I don't want you to review them yet.

Talk to you later

AnHeiressofaSOLDIER Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I actually thought of another reason why Sam/Emily isn't so bad, if you don't mind me mentioning it. The Quileutes could give up their spirit wolves at any time (and stop shifting), thus the imprinting might be able to have been broken. I don't know if that's how it would work exactly, but it does seem plausible.

And I don't think the series deserves all the hype, either. Because, like I said, it's not meant to be an epic. There's nothing really extraordinary about it at all, but people still connect to it. Honestly, I WISH the fanbase would have stayed small. If that were the case, I think everyone would be a lot happier.

And though I can't imagine how annoying it must be to hear about it all the time (since you go to the same school that Stephenie did), I can't fault people for talking about it so much. People talk about what they like, that's just how it is. You just have to tune it out. I wish people wouldn't talk about TVD all the time, but that doesn't mean I'm going to yell at the people that do. Not saying that you do this, but a lot of the haters do.

But on the other side of that, it's not cool that some of the fans are trying to stuff it down people's throats. Ugh! That's so not cool! I didn't realize it had gotten so bad (probably because I'm indifferent to the whole thing these days). I wish the fans and haters would just take up a "you don't bother me, I won't bother you" mindset, but sadly, that probably makes too much sense. Ugh.

-Sigh- This series is about intense soulmates, though, so I guess we should just take it with a grain of salt. Personally, I don't like it, either (and other series do it, too), but whatever.

You know, I was so proud of Yuna in X-2 for not committing suicide or anything, but living her life to the fullest. Sure she was in pain and guilt for Tidus having faded away to save her, but she knew that if she didn't enjoy her life, that would have been a slap in the face to his sacrifice. That's why I choose to believe that after Edward had heard the baby's thoughts, and had grown to love Renesmee, he actually would have stayed with her had Bella died in the delivery. After all, he still would have had a piece of her. The book seemed to hint that might have been what would happen, but I don't know for sure.

Honestly, I probably shouldn't comment on this stuff, as I don't know what it's like for people like your grandpa and my own loved ones. When you live with/love someone for so long, I guess they do become a part of you. So perhaps it is logical that you don't necessarily know how to function without them? IDK. At least your grandpa (and my grandma) aren't suicidal about it, though.

I guess that's why I at least liked this in New Moon: that as long as Edward or Bella thought the other was safe and happy somewhere, they could go on living despite the pain. That's something, at least. And I guess it would be hard to literally live forever without your loved one, but meh.

And I guess I can understand why you don’t think that it took a long time for E/B to fall in love, but more attention was still given to it than some books. Like, at least Bella knew Edward was a vampire (and a bit about him), before she fell in love with him. Plus, in the times they weren’t talking, they were sort of eaves dropping on each other, anyway.

And… Even though I’ve beaten this dead horse too much already, it’s still better than the Vampire Diaries. Those two start dating in just a few weeks. And the only reason they are is because Elena wants Stefan because he’s the new/popular guy, and Stefan wants Elena because she looks like Katherine. They don’t know each other at all, and they still say they’re in love. And then, when Elena finds out Stefan’s a vampire, she freaks out about it. I’d like to point out, too, that Stefan proposes to Elena at the end of that school year, and Elena really only agrees because everyone is telling her she can’t be with him, and she wants to get back at them.

Also, in Vampire Kisses, if I remember correctly, Raven breaks into Alexander’s house (she does this numerous times, but she only did it when she thought no one was living there), because she’s curious about it, and obsessed with vampires (even though she actually doesn’t really believe Alexander’s a vampire, and when she finds out at the end of the book, she has a panic attack). And they only start liking each other because Raven gives Alexander a spider ring, and because they’re both “outcasts”, but oddly enough, I actually like them more than Stefan/Elena, because after this, the two actually get to know each other, and the pairing does make sense. Plus, the Vampire Kisses books are just hilarious (even though I haven’t finished the series). Those books are DEFINITELY comedies!

Anyway, back to the whole E/B thing, I guess it is rushed, but it’s not as bad as some. And sometimes life just works out that way, you know? Like my friend Laura (who’s now twenty-eight), met her husband when she was eighteen, and they got married after only a month of dating, but they’ve been happy ever since.

Oh, Kingdom Hearts... How I love/hate being a part of the fandom. The crazies scare me so much at times. Is it sad that I think KH is worse than Twilight in some regards? And you know, I'm probably going to get shot for saying this, but I've always found it amusing that KH fans usually hate Twilight when KH has similar problems. Like bad storytelling, writing, and creepy things (like Xehanort possessing Terra, plus the whole thirteen Xehanorts thing). I mean, KH is my fav fandom and always will be. I love it probably more than anyone does, but I'm not ignoring that it can be just as bad as Twilight at times.

Onto other topics: I'm sorry your schedule's been so hectic lately! Hopefully it'll slow down for you soon:) And who knows? Maybe you can do NaNo next year? I'd love to write alongside you. It's just so motivating, you know? All of NaNoWriMo's motivating, actually.

And I will make time for your stories. Today maybe? They're just too awesome not to read/review! I always get so giddy when you update, Nix. You have a real talent, and I love to see your latest writings:)

Welp, talk to you later. Hope you have a great day!

Nix501st Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, yes, I see what you mean about the Sam/Emily thing. It's just... I dunno, I suppose that it's mostly because I love Leah. I seriously don't think she gets have the shit that all the other characters give her. I think that she's probably one of the most interesting characters, actually.

Well, it's not the worst I suppose. I know it could be worse, and I've never been the best at paying attention to other people in my classes. I usually just space out into my own world during the beginning of my classes (unless I have a friend in the class). Actually, I know Meyer's son, Gabe. He's pretty cool. *shrug*

(Actually, my respect for Stephanie herself went down, way down, when I discovered that she has her brother read all her mail before she does so he can't get rid of all the hate-mail for her. I know that I hate it when I get mean comments [actually, this happened quite recently to me], but she's a middle-aged woman who wrote a VERY successful book series, she should be able to take the negativity.)

Ugh, FANS. Don't even get me started on how much hate poor Stephen King got after he expressed his opinion on Meyer.

I've never really thought that the writing for KH was terrible. Mainly, it's a story about how far friendship can take you. Yes, it's a little cliche (or a lot at times), but I think that's mostly because... although Kingdom Hearts does dabble in darker themes occasionially, they can't escape their source audience, younger teens and tweens. Personally, I love all the plot twists we've been getting (THE FANDOM WAS SO WRONG ABOUT XIGBAR).

I also want you to know I completely understand what you're saying about The Vampire Dairies. I tried to read the first book and... I literally couldn't finish it. It was interesting at first, but then it just turned boring for me. I DID like the amulet thingy that let them walk in the sun, though.

Other topics: I'm actually going to be a hellva lot less busy now, since I finished half of my physics project. I'm drawing again, so you might see some of my free-hand stuff soon.

I'd say that if I had to pick one story... it'd be Do Over. That's one of the best things I've ever written, I think.

Also, I'm going to take a look at your new Joshyme upload today, so worry not.
Khoufu Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
Haha, you compared something to FFXII. I didn't think anyone liked that game anyway.
I was abandoned by a bunch of friends when I was in 3rd grade but I made up with them, too, but I was too naive to be depressed.
My sister read the first 2 books and agrees that they're good but the writing is lame.
AnHeiressofaSOLDIER Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
LOL. FFXII was okay, but the story wasn't really memorable, the characters really had no development, and the story'd been done many times. I actually liked Revenant Wings better; it's just too bad that no one played that game or really knows about it. THAT was Vaan's game. Not the original XII. The original XII was more Ashe and/or Balthier's story.

I'm sorry to hear that you were abandoned by your friends in 3rd grade (that really sucks, right?), but am so glad you guys made up:) And at least you didn't get depressed about it, right? That's always a good thing.

Yeah... It could have been written a lot better. Not gonna lie. But since it was Stephenie's first book series, I won't be too hard on her. There were some parts that I actually thought were written pretty well. They were pretty poetic at times, you know? Like this part: "It had not been Edward and Jacob that I’d been trying to force together, it was the two parts of myself, Edward’s Bella and Jacob’s Bella. But they could not exist together, and I never should have tried." Ever since that quote appeared in Eclipse, I've seen that come up a LOT in stories. That when you love two people at the same time, you're a different version of yourself with each, but one is more the real you (and thus the person you should be with). And two versions of your personality really can’t exist at once, so…

Anyway... Thanks for the comment and all the support:)

Khoufu Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
I'm not a big FF person, so I don't recognize any of those names besides Balthier. I have FF 3 and 4, but I heard that 4 for GBA is really some other one, I don't even know. My boyfriend likes FF and likes to bash FFXII.

I never read the books but I saw the first movie (and played my DS through the second) so those are the only things I can really criticize. I've never seen such an in-depth defense of the books before and I'm impressed. I'm neutral on the whole thing, some people like sappy vampire books/movies, so let them alone.
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